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Premium Movie Site Theme WordPress – CPALead Enabled

The new movie site wordPress theme called moviepress is a beautifully designed premium theme cum plugin script that comes with a whole host of new features that makes it easy to install and develop. In no time you will have amazing movie website that allows you to automatically generate income without having to put in the time and effort normally associated with starting up a new movie site.

It comes complete with a Twitter viral script already built into the Word press site. This special script is linked to your personal Twitter account, so that when someone comments on your movie press website it will automatically re-tweet it onto your Twitter page. This will help spread the word about your new movie press website as followers will be able to see a link leading to your site.

The script also comes with a beautifully designed header, which uses an Ajax script, so your visitors can easily view the latest movie trailers. It has five star rating system which allows you to rate each trailer.

Don’t worry if you not so technology advanced as this theme is so simple and easy to use and can be uploaded in minutes. It allows you to embed movie trailers from the most popular video streaming sites around with just a few clicks of a mouse.

This theme also come with a pack of freebies which will help you get your site off on the right foot. This includes a movie site promotion guide which will help you maximize your earnings from the site.

All these features would cost you thousands of dollars to develop if you hire a freelance/developer, however now you can own your very own web press movie tv video site for less than 100. :eek: Get it now at discount offer before price rises..

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